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Investing with Bayshoreprojects

It's no secret that money should work, and not lay under your pillow. Each investor will certainly faces a dilemma where to invest his money in such a way to ensure that their investment is at minimal risk and maximum profitability. It is well known that the highest profit could brought when you work with stocks, mutual funds and a variety of options, but do not forget that the value of the profit on the stock markets is comparable to the risk of losing everything.

Slightly more attractive is a savings account at the bank where the probability of losing your investment is significantly lower and is limited to the state of the bank and the general situation in the country. Typically, interest rates on savings deposits are very low, averaging 6-8%, where the most part of the profit would be destroyed by inflation.

Both of these methods of investing combines their exposure to inflation, that is a gradual (or abrupt) depreciation funds. In a much better light here looks investing in real estate, which is not affected by inflation, which makes it a particularly attractive way to invest funds. Especially when it comes to fast-growing markets of South-East Asia.

BayShore Projects provides the highest profit for our customers. That's what we're doing for the last 15 years. How do we do it? Firstly, we give a guaranteed return of at least 6% of the value of your apartment (house) from renting it out (it is written in each of our contract). Secondly, buying real estate in the early stages of construction, you will ensure the growth of its value to 100% at the time of construction complete. Take a look on the dynamic growth in the value of our finished projects:

As can be seen from the graphs, the construction phase (Phase 1 to 3) the growth in property values ranged from 63% to 65% and subsequently showed growth of about 6% per year for 3 years, after which growth slowed down, which is quite natural. Our current projects under construction are Bayshore Sea View Condominium, Bayshore Sea View Apartments, and Bayshore Pool villas at Karon.

Also note the annual increase in the cost apartments in Phuket. According to the agency CBRE average cost per square meter for all objects in the segment in 2012 grew to 100,000 baht per square meter, compared with 92 000 baht per square meter by the end of 2011, accounting for 8%.

Increased interest in the island of Phuket investors causes several factors:

  • construction of new terminals at Phuket airport, the planned increase in passenger traffic from 8 to 15 million passengers per year until 2016
  • development of infrastructure and new roads
  • develop and strengthen economic ties Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN)

To buy a property in Thailand foreigner must have a valid passport and the necessary amount of money. In this case, the funds can be transferred from abroad to developer company account or paid in cash.

Acquisition of real estate are three ways - the ownership (freehold), long-term lease (leasehold) and freehold in company name. Leasehold contract is issued for 30 years with the renewal twice by 30 years. The undoubted advantage of leasehold is a lower buying tax - 1.1% versus 6.3% in the case of freehold.

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