Welcome to Bayshore IT
BS Trust Seal
BSTrustSeal is a program that is designed to bring safety and credibility to the Internet experience. How does a user know whether a website, an internet service a vendor or a service provider is credible and trustworthy? As more and more people use the Internet to shop, network, find work, customers and friends; safety and trust are bound to be on the mind of the end user.
BS Runner
Runner is a newly developed browser from Bayshore that is designed to improve your browsing experience. Features of this new super browser are designed with security and speed in mind.
BS Web Track
Web tracking is a service enabling you to track and monitor your site visitor's web behaviour in your site, with live customer monitoring and total statistical breakdowns. A Webtrack online dashboard enables you to view your site visitors, creates visitor profiles and shows you their activity, and prospects for your business.
One Dollar Booking
One$Booking is new addition to Bayshore IT. One$booking is combination of portal and application for hoteliers to market your products by using our hotel managemnet software and portal site. One$Booking is still under beta phase to test throughly.